Greyhawk's Lesser Known Heroes

Session 4: The Monastery

Picking up from last session, the intrepid adventurers had just managed to make their way up to the entrance to the monastery. The stone bridge leading up to the entrance was in disrepair, and it required a climb up. Once they got to the top, they entered, but Atticus tripped over a tripwire on the way in, which caused an alarm to sound—breaking glass and clanging of metal. The party, however, was otherwise unassailed as they entered.

The monastery had a cloister at the entrance, with various broken statues in the large front hallway. Directly ahead was a courtyard with a large tree that grew several stories high, extending through the open roof of the monastery. The group explored the hallway to the left, cautiously, and found two doors. The first, which they opened, was to an old privy. There was a closet and a chest inside, but it was barren. The second, across from the privy, was a kitchen with some rotted wooden shelves. The fire pit looked like it had been used recently, however.

Directly behind the large tree, opposite the entrance, was a very large dining table, albeit without any chairs. Beyond that was an opening through which the group could see to the rear of the monastery, where water flowed down from the hillside through the monastery itself into a lower level.

Exploring the right side of the monastery, they found an entrance to the basement, which they bypassed, and a room that appeared to be an armory of sorts, with nothing of great value—just what appeared to be broken weapon racks. There was a sturdy set of iron double doors at the far end of the room, but they could not open them—locked shut.

As they prepared to leave the room, the twang of bowstrings rang out, and Storen was shot (but not seriously wounded). There were what appeared to be goblins shooting from a stairwell to their left. Gregor charged, and they group pursued the goblins to the second level.

When they arrived, they ran into a bit of an ambush—goblins and hobgoblins on either side of the tree on balconies. True to form, the group split the party, with Angus, Storen and Cullen heading down the right side of the monastery, and Yesunge, Gregor and Atticus on the left. Each group encounters 5 goblins and a hobgoblin. Stores gets hit and wounded, as does Gregor, who flies into a rage. Atticus heals Gregor as Yesunge shoots at the goblins. Meanwhile, a crossbow bolt flies out of nowhere and nearly catches Angus—a very, very close call. It thuds against the monastery wall, and appears to have some sticky substance on it. The group now goes on the offense, and starts mowing down some goblins: Gregor and Yesunge take out one each, Storen kills a third, and Angus bathes several in fire using Burning Hands. Cullen, meanwhile, after killing the hobgoblin, gets hit by a goblin, and passes out. Shortly thereafter, another hobgoblin, armed with a fine-looking scimitar and shield with the following symbol emblazoned thereon


slashes Angus very badly—sending him into unconsciousness. Storen is worse for wear, and as Gregor dispatches the hobgoblin on the left, the remaining goblins flee to the right side (from the front of the monastery). Gregor sprints around the back side of the monastery to help Storen and company, as Yesunge and Atticus follow. Stores rummages for some “magic mushrooms,” and cannot remember which ones are healing. He chooses yellow—wrong choice! He immediately starts to hallucinate, and alternates from spacing out to crying for the remainder of the battle. Luckily, Yesunge puts two arrows into the hobgoblin leader, who is clearly hurt. Angus is eventually roused—he was only knocked out for a short time—and when he is, he has the presence of mind to cast Magic Missile, with one striking and killing a goblin, and another thudding into the hobgoblin leader, who still stands but is now bleeding and haggard. He quickly disengages, drops his scimitar, and pulls a potion from his belt. He points to the group, and says, “You are all marked for death.” He then drinks the potion, and turns into a mist, floating away through the tree and out of the monastery. Gregor, in a rage, along with the remaining members still active enough to fight, dispatches of the remaining enemy combatants.

After searching through the goblins, the party decides to head into the basement—not checking out the rest of the upper level. When they arrive, they notice that water has flowed into the basement through a hole in a large cistern. There is a pedestal in the center of the basement with a book on it, and a makeshift “throne” across from it, on which sits a skeleton with an amulet. As they inspect the skeleton, they hear noises—the dead coming for them! Several zombies, including one that wields a large axe, pursue them, as well as many skeletons—16, in fact. Atticus manages to turn many of them, buying the group some time. Meanwhile, Gregor, Storen and Atticus began dismantling some of the skeletons. Yesunge takes out one of the zombies, aided by Atticus’ Guiding Bolt, and Angus kills a few with a Firebolt. Yesunge, switching to his shortswords, manages to kill no less than 4 skeletons. Angus, however, is hit and falls unconscious once again, looking pretty worse for wear (failing at least one death check). Ultimately, though, they manage to defeat the undead, and Gregor smashes in the skull of the skeleton on the “throne.” After that, no more skeletons appear.

Searching through the book, they notice that it appears to be written by a madman, indicating that one can reach godhood through the sacrificing of 39 sentient beings. The skeleton’s amulet, meanwhile, was a golden medallion of St. Cuthbert. They also find, in the tattered rags, a key.

Returning upstairs, the group searches through several rooms, finding various large barrack-style bedrooms of sorts, an old library (none of the books are in good condition, most destroyed by bookworms and exposure), and a room that has a small altar and desk in it, as well as a bed, which apparently was being used by the hobgoblin leader. Searching through the belongings, they find several items: a backpack with survival gear (waterski, flask, mess kit, whetstone); 2 ink pens and 3 vials; a scroll case and 10 sheets of parchment; a climber’s kit; 20 caltrops; a poisoner’s kit; a vial of foul-smelling black liquid; a vial of another liquid; and a journal.

Later, using the key they found on the skeleton, they open the doors in the armory to find a chest containing 500 silver pieces and 250 gold pieces. The journal is written in goblin, which no one speaks, but Angus remembers that he can cast Comprehend Languages as a ritual, and is able to read through the journal.



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