Krug's Journal

Waterday, 5 Flocktime 586

I begin this new journal in honor of the fact that Gaiax has chosen me to be one of his sworn lieutenants. He has seen promise in me and knows my devotion to our deity. I will not fail him, and together we shall free the Chained God.

Starday, 8 Flocktime 586

Gaiax asks me to lead a small band of warriors to the South, to serve as an advance force. He wishes to find a new base for operations as the Chained God’s following grows, telling me a tale of what he believes to be an abandoned monastery south of Deghulan—an ironic twist to move in there. Although he has given me command of 30 goblins, which I find ineffective, he has allowed me to take 4 of my fellow soldiers as my personal guard. I will make do with this ragtag bunch, and the Chained God will notice my deeds.

Moonday, 10 Flocktime 586

After a day or so of preparation and meditation, I depart for the South, searching for our new base. We move at night and camp during the day, avoiding notice.

Starday, 15 Flocktime 586

Steady progress has led us over 80 miles, even through the rocky hills and the slow speed of the goblins. Food is rationed. The goblins complain enough, but not too much. They know their place, for the most part. One of the larger goblins, Khish, argued with me in front of the troops. His head got too big, I suppose, which is why I separated it from his body. 29 goblins under my command now.

Sunday, 16 Flocktime 586

Much less complaining today. The Chained God laughs. We cross the river east of Deghulan, heading south. We will eventually need to turn due west.

Moonday, 17 Flocktime 586

No progress made today as the weather conspires against us, heavy rains causing treacherous conditions in the mountains. 1 goblin falls to his death. 28 goblins under my command.

Godsday, 18 Flocktime 586

The Chained God is testing me. Upon waking, we discover that 12 goblins have deserted in the middle of the day. They all happen to be the ones who had watch duty, and included Khish’s brother, who had been moping around for the past few days. I applaud their cleverness for their escape. After we establish our new base, I will hunt them down and remove all of their eyes from their skulls. I explain to the remaining 14 goblins that disobedience means death. For good measure, I explain that my comrades and I will take watch from now on, and any deserters will have fingers cut off one by one. These goblins seem loyal.

Freeday, 21 Flocktime 586

We head west until we reach the hills south of Deghulan. Another goblin dies. A lucky 13 goblins remain under my command. A structure appears to be visible at the top of one of the hills, just as Gaiax explained. Praise the Chained God—he will soon be free.

Starday, 22 Flocktime 586
During the day, we are beset by a small group of warriors, possibly mercenaries. They refused to join, and had never heard of the Chained God. After a brief skirmish, their souls were all served up to the Chained God. A goblin died, leaving me with a dozen—the 12 strongest, in my opinion.

Sunday, 23 Flocktime 586

The monastery appears to be empty as we camp outside and out of sight for a day. No one comes in or out.

Moonday, 24 Flocktime 586

What appears to have been a bridge to the monastery is now gone. It requires climbing down into the ravine before it and back up again.

Godsday, 25 Flocktime 586

Exploration of the monastery reveals a thick coat of dust on almost everything. There are remnants of a library, with few usable books, most of the bookshelves being empty, or the books having been savaged by bookworms or other insects. I did find a tome on combat, which proved interesting. Having finished, I establish my chambers in what appears to be the head priest’s room, complete with small altar and a miniature statute of St. Cuthbert, which I smash into oblivion. Praise the Chained God.

Godsday, 25 Flocktime 586 — Entry 2

Gluck, one of my guards, discovered a trapdoor into the basement, and went down with 2 goblins as I examined the library. The goblins tell me that dead warriors attacked Gluck in the basement, and they fled upstairs to save their lives. I thanked them for their honesty, and their dedication to our greater purpose. I then served them up to the Chained God for deserting a fellow soldier. I now have 10 goblins under my command—only those fit for command. In any event, we seal up the trapdoor by breaking down chairs and other furniture and piling it atop them to keep the dead down there.

Waterday, 26 Flocktime 586

There is apparently another entrance to the basement from the ravine, revealed after exploration. The remaining furniture, save the bed in my room, has been brought down there to plug up the hole. I’m not sure if the dead would come outside, but we’re not leaving it to chance.

Earthday, 27 Flocktime 586

Now that we are established, we need to send a runner back to Gaiax with a message. We can ill afford to lose more, and the goblins cannot be trusted. Zark volunteers to go, and I bid him farewell. He is a good tracker, and it will probably only take him 10 days on his own to get there. May the Chained God safely see him to Gaiax.

Krug's Journal

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